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Aug 3, 2013 5:00am PDT
against texas didn't help. up next in sports, larry beil has more on >> welcome back. lisa is with us. we are back together. feels like it's been a long time. >> yeah, yeah. it's nice and we will have another nice afternoon. it will be a little warmer today than tomorrow. and it certainly was warmer yesterday. hope you noticed. >> yes. >> so with the sunshine this afternoon, we will manage some upper 80s in our inland east bay. but around the bay, despite the sunshine, still temperate wishes is good because we are going to cool down from the readings we reached today. so numbers throughout the afternoon will be the warmest you will see in the next seven days. so today is the warmest day out there as we get a trough situated along the northwest coast. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. and you will notice that we are looking at the low clouds, even some mist and drizzle so you may need your wipers if you are headed north or south. temperatures have dropped into the 50s. it's a cool one out there. san francisco 54 degrees. 58 in mountain view with a 3 in los gatos and half moon
Aug 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
texas because the rangers lost to seattle. this is not how we like to loosen up before a newscast. cespedes, and tied 2-2. they regain the lead. a hustling steven vogt, the catcher, cord from first. top nine. two men on. cabrera with a liner that looked like trouble. josh donaldson turns it into the game-ending double play. they are half game behind texas, 3-2000 the final. giants visiting south beach and place the marlins. the two lowest scoring teams in the national league come bean for 24 runs. sanchez, a three-run bomb and giants set a season-high in runs scored. they win a slugfest 14-10. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> next, the annual faith walk honoring a bay area broadcast who are passed away from breast cancer. eye only a couple hours away. we will tell you which local band is performing that just might push you >> here are are the winning numbers from last night's lotto. nobody correctly picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $51 million. >>> the ninth annual breast cancer challenge to raise money
Aug 25, 2013 5:00am PDT
16 starts. texas loss and the a's are only 2 1/2 back in the american league west. >>> giants try to end a three-game slide. the ball dude sort of sums up the season. he had three straight mops. poor guy. not as easy as it looks. burr the g-men rip off four runs in the first. buster posey starting things off with a broken bat single to the left. 4-0 giants after one inning. they will hold on for a 6-3 victory. >>> little league world series, connecticut against chula vista for the championship. nick mora, the pitcher, struck out ten and hit a three-run homer in the second and they are headed to the championship game with a 12-1 victory. they will face the little leaguers from tokyo. they beat tijuana, mexico. the championship game is today at noon right here an abc7. >>> first tournament of the fed ex cup playoffs in new jersey. today no different. kg the par 3, 14. one bounce and in for a hole-in-one. the very next group, lefty, greg chalmers. two bounces, spins it back. another hole-in-one! back-to-back. that's amazing. tyingner the hunt. three birdies on the back 9. >> puts him 4
Aug 11, 2013 5:00am PDT
cespedes. he gets hem swinging to end the game. a's fall a game back it texas in the more than league west. >>> giants hosting the orioles. all three giant runs came in the sixth inning. runter pence two on the bases-loaded double. 3-1, g-men. the solo shot to the center, 466 feet. but guess what, the giants hang on to win, 3-2, the final. tiger woods chance to win a major in 2013 is over as he blew up yesterday this round three at the 95th pagan championship. he has not won a major since 2008. let's move on. after two days of rain, picture perfect day at the oakdale country club. landon got a free drop. watch this. he birdies the hole. he's 6-under par. adam scott started the day in second place but trouble on 16. his shot doesn't go more than 30 feet. double bogey. second round leader, jason dufner. birdie here. he's at second at 8-under. everyone chasing jim furyk. great birdie on 7 and watch the par putt on 18. you have to make those to win maining. furyk is our leading at 9-under, dufner in second, and a couple swedes behind him and scott rounding off the top five. we will have t
Aug 13, 2013 5:00am PDT
boy in texas mowed lawns for extra cash. but the boy was not doing it to make money for himself but raising money if tornado victims in oklahoma, saying he mowed 90 lawns and raised $15,000, i don't think that is the normal rate for mowing but people probably wanted to support him and worked in 104-degree heat and would do it again and got the idea from a school fundraiser and his parents say every penny is helping families affected by the tornadoes. >> there could be no more tender moment than when a mom is reunited even when the newborn is a small ball of fur. this is a giant panda being reunited with her cub after spending a month apart. she was removed because of fear of getting hurt. but the mother instincts too, over and she bret fed her and she was one of two pandas china gave to taiwan four years ago in a show of diplomatic friendliness. >> panda diplomacy works. >> we continue at 5:30 with the top stories including the child left in a hospital after getting attacked by a pit bull. the boy's mother reveals the serious injuries. hillary clinton make as step in san francisco b
Aug 8, 2013 5:00am PDT
texas loafs several people dead. ahead, an update from >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy thursday. it is 5:29. thank you for waking up early and joining us. >> drist and midzle. >> are you making fun of me? >> he is honoring you. >> honoring me, that is better. yes, watch out. the thickest is at half moon bay with visibility at 2.5 miles and the other reporting stations say ten miles but there is drizzle and mist hitting between the reporting stations. now, what will happen today, as we head throughout the afternoon, it will be sunny in the east bay and inland, south bay, and that is where we have the 70 to 78 degrees. around the bay, 64 to 74 and it will be cool at the coast into san francisco, at 59 to 63. now, the morning commute, leyla gulen has the details. >> we have a report about a car that went off the roadway and we have moist conditions and i certainly saw wet roads this morning. i want to make sure we are careful of our speeds and not driving too fast because the roadways can be slick. in calistoga highway 29 at greenwood avenue it
Aug 24, 2013 5:00am PDT
the inning. orioles win 9-7. a's third straight loss. with a texas win, oakland now three and a half back in the west. >>> giants, game two. a ball and buster posey scores, 1-0, giants. madison bumgarner, you can't call it a mistake. great hitting. bum guardner goes 8 solid but suffers eighth loss of the season. 3-1, the final. giants have lost five out of six. >> let the chatter begin, terrelle pryor making everyone stand up at the coliseum and take notice. he helped the raiders rally against the bears last night. this bears backer finding the raider fans unscathed. chicago capitalizing on the next play. jay cutler, the screen pass. 32 yards later he's in the end zone. this was a common look on the face of the raider fans in the first half. former raider michael bush doing damage against his former team. big man. hard to bring down. first of his two tds. 7-0. boo birds in full effect. trailing 27-3 at the half. terrelle pryor takes over. ran for a 25-yard score. 19 yards to nick. late third quarter it was 27-20 game. raiders show some moxie but fall 34-26. the quarterback contr
Aug 7, 2013 5:00am PDT
nissan with california license plate and he could be headed for texas or for canada. >> new details on an oakland woman missing since sunday night. the car of the 50-year-old woman was found in an oakland park lot near the home yesterday and two of her cell phones have been located. police found a phone in richmond richmond and another in another area. she works for the federal public defenders office and police are not sure if the disappearance is related to her job or meeting with someone who had information about her dog stolen during a burglary in may. >> her daughter should be hope, she told her, and was never seen. >> she is 5' 6" and 150 pounds. >> school districts in oakland and san francisco are among eight in the state that receives waivers to parts of the federal no child left behind law giving funding to schools based on student test fires. the tribune reports school officials say the district will continue to receive $3 million in funds from the program and have more discretion on spending it. rather than were requiring tests showing students at their grade levels oakland
Aug 21, 2013 5:00am PDT
will head for a shipwrecking company in texas. today, it will be moved to the we shipyard in vallejo where it will be dry docked and cleaned of growth and paint before being towed to texas. it was commissioned in 1971 and decommissioned by the navy in 1999. >> a nude is brewing between ashton kutcher and the co-founder of apple, with a poor box office turnout and the cofounder wrote his own review calling it "fiction." >> steve jobs mannerism were plays but not the thing, the ideas that drove apple forward. >> we are following breaking news with crutcher saying he is being paid by another company who is making another film about jobs and the producers say it is a drama, not a documentary and you can see more on "good morning america" this morning at 7:00. >> we have breaking news from the south bay, a shooting outside a san jose senior apartment complex. >> a 10,000 acre wildfire is burning out of control. >> how big is the government secret surveillance program? the widening scope of the n.s.a. just ahead. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 5:59. sheriff
Aug 4, 2013 5:00am PDT
allowing six runs in texas. we will start you off with some yo power as in cespedes. two-run homer, 17th of the year. 3-0, a's. hands shake time with coco crisp. move to the fifth. gerald parker cruising. ian kinzler down the left-field line. it's going foul. no it's not. that's a solo shot. rangers within a one, 3-2. day game in oakland, the dreaded sun ball. and it hands him the sixth. martinez loses it, ground-ruled double. didn't lead to a run but this does. batting in the seventh. 4-2 a's. top of nine, time to rage. belfour with the high heat. and swinging as he avoids the pitch. a's win 4-2. division lead now three and a half games over texas. >> you want to get off to a good start. as i said earlier, too, there are times before a good starting pitcher gets, you know, comfortable in doing his thing, you have to chance to score some runs off of him. so we played a little small ball early and cespedes was huge for us. >> giants and raise, scoreless in the second inning. deep off of tim lincecum. looks like it's out. he makes the catch of the morning. testimony's reaction? i tho
Aug 31, 2013 5:00am PDT
crisp scores from second. a's win, 4-3. texas loses. a's are two back of texas in the west and half a game up on the raise to the top wildcard. giants and d-backs. angel pegan, first became back. scored the giants' only run. in the first brandon belt sacked. beats the throw, 1-0 giants. only one of run of this game. timmy lincecum pitching. pablo sandoval robs aj pollack of what would have been a short double and throws him out to end the inning. timmy goes six scoreless for his eighth win of the year. giants with only three hits find a way to get it done in a 1-0 victory. >>> the sunny e.r.a. begins tonight in perkily, cal hosting northwestern. here comes the bear offense. true game for freshman quarterback jared goff. he was named the start area couple weeks ago. excited to get his first true taste of college football. dikes is ready to tee it up for the first time at memorial stadium. >> i'm excited. it will be a new experience for me just like it is a lot of our young layers. any team it's something different or new, you are always excited about it. i know the game day atmospher
Aug 26, 2013 5:00am PDT
today. nidal hasan opened fire on dozens of fires in texas on november 5, 2009. the military jury last week found nidal hasan guilty of murdering 13 people and the same military jury will decide whether he is executed or spends life in prison. >> this remain on, amazon is trying to determine the cause of a problem with the servers that caused instagram and other services to go down yesterday. amazon provides servers to several on-line companies, mostly resolved after a few hours. >> drivers are getting some relief at the pump and take a whiff the next time you enter a subway sandwich shop. >> here is the bloomberg business report. >> pump prices are holding steady and gas is going for an acknowledge of $3.54 for regular the same as last week but 11 cents lower than a month ago. >> the smell of subway sandwiches will be more powerful, you can order the sandwich made on garlic bread starting sunday. they are the latest toes expand the bread offering bringing you out the box options. >> high we close on friday as investors look at signs of weakness in the housing market meaning the f
Aug 6, 2013 5:00am PDT
believe he could be headed to texas or canada. many people received an alert on their cell phone last night and that is an agreement between law enforcement and your wireless carriers. you can opt out but if you receive those text messages will also receive one when the amber alert is canceled. >> bay area commuters face another strike dead line tonight by a.c. transit bus operators the union representing,800 transit workers has given numbers they will strike after midnight tonight until significant progress is made in contract talks. the work agreement expired at the end of june and they kept working, then, a walkout would affect 181,000 passengers who use a.c. transit each day. bart trains are moving this morning after governor brown stepped in to step a strike. the governor has appointed a three-person panel to investigate the contract dispute between bart and the two big of the unions. tomorrow, bart riders will get to see what each side presents to the panel dug a public hearing in oakland, governor brown will have a report by the end of the week and have to decide whether to cal
Aug 18, 2013 5:00am PDT
. cleveland added three more and pulled away to win, 7-1. oakland now trails texas by a game and a half. the rangers scored five in the second. the two-run double off the wall. 15-3 was the final and they did it without hitting a home run. >>> form he a's shortstop miguel tejada is the latest player to be suspended by major league baseball. he will have to sit out 105 games for using an amphetamine. he tested positive for an amphetamine e said he took it to control his disorder. >>> it was scoreless until the fourth with runners at second and third in the giants game. pablo sandoval, a race to the bag and the panda is safe. sandoval was a little shaken up but stayed in the contest. brandon belt scored to make it 1-0. in the north, he lines one to center. jake can't make the diving catch. it will go to the wall. two runners come home. lblanco slides into third but malt cain shutout the marlins until the sixth. that's when he unblows the monster two-run blast, 454 feet that. cut the lead in half. but the giants get the two runs back in the eighth. torres' grounder goes off the glove of lu
Aug 10, 2013 5:00am PDT
. sixoakland smacked five bombs overall to win 14-6. texas also stays in a tie for first place. >>> brian vogelsong coming back after a broken hand. jason harding said welcome back. solo blast. giants couldn't do anything off of chris tillmon until here. brandon bell, wow, deepest part of the ballpark. his 13th of the year, 2-0, orioles. the single off the closer, here he comes and we are tied at two. but in the tenth, chris davis. two outs, and two on, and that is to the gap javier lopez majors are supposed to be supreme tests of golf skills. not the pga championship this week. birdies galore. if you are not-under par in rochester, something has gone wrong. kutcher, 4-under 66. first round leader adam scott, up and down. this is a spectacular 40-foot birdie. 5 birds, three bogeys. his 7 under 11 with kutcher. the man to catch is jason dufner. never won a major. been close. never pulled it off. tried to make a record for low score with a 7-under 63. that is for eagle. dufner is 9-under, leading by two strokes, heading to the third round. tiger 1-over, 10 back. nfl. the raiders open the pr
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15